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Are you ready to Unlock Sales Success so you confidently and consistently sell your services, multiply your revenue, and impact more people with your unique expertise?

Hi, I'm Laura.

Transformational Coach and RTT Practitioner for female entrepreneurs helping them to unlock their full potential and achieve 6-figure success by leveraging the power of their minds.

When it comes to selling many brilliant women with so much to offer feel a huge resistance to putting their programs into the world. They get stuck when it comes to sales.

Does this feel familiar?

>>You know you have a lot to offer and desire to make a big impact in the world but selling feels sleazy and somehow "wrong" like you're a used car salesman.

>>So what happens? You spend all your time, energy, and resources on other parts of your business and resist the one thing that will make the biggest impact.

>>You lower your prices and stop yourself from making offers which not only hurts your revenue but prevents you from helping all the people who would truly benefit from your work.

Wouldn't it be great if...

you no longer felt resistance to selling and could sell confidently and authentically, and 2x, 3x or even 5x your. income?

selling felt aligned with your business and your values so it becomes easy and effortless? Instead of feeling "salesy" it feels like a natural conversation between you and your clients.

you were able to attract more ideal, easy YES clients into your programs without having to convince them or doubting the value of what you have to offer? You create more income and more impact without working harder.

It's possible when you join

Unlock Sales Success

By connecting directly with your subconscious you rewire your mind to love sales and feel confident in converting prospects to paying clients. These are the results both my clients and I have achieved using the power of hypnosis.

From our very first session, I was able to recognize an unknown block and discover a simple technique to move past it. By sticking to Laura’s program, in a matter of a few weeks, I was able to finish two lagging projects, and attract a new client by using social media!

Lisa L - Author

What's Included

This powerful Rapid Transformational Therapy session will bring you to the deeply relaxed state of hypnosis where you can get to the root cause of your issues with selling and release your limiting beliefs.

After doing this session you will listen to the 15-minute transformational recording daily for the next 21-30 days to install positive new beliefs so you love selling and do so confidently and consistently.

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